7 Simple Ways to Show Your Love for God

7 Simple Ways How to Show Love to God

The busier life gets, the harder it can be to prioritize God. It’s funny that our faith can sometimes be placed on the back burner when we’re feeling overwhelmed because we know in those moments is when we need God in our life the most! But even when life gets busy, there are plenty of ways to show your love for God that take little to no time. 

Applying these simple tactics in your everyday life will not only help you feel closer to God, but it will also help you have an overall better sense of joy in your life. 

7 Easy Things You Can Do Everyday to Show Your Love to and for God

7 Simple Ways to Show Your Love for God

Trust In His Plan

Think about entering into a relationship with someone. Can you imagine a relationship without trust? Without trust, there is no love. 

It’s the same with our Heavenly Father. One way to show Him that you love Him is to trust Him. Put your full faith and trust in Him and His plan for you. 

Surrendering to Him is such a vulnerable, powerful thing. And it says a lot about your trust in Him.

Follow His Commandments

If you love someone, you show them respect. And to respect God means to follow His commandments, to know that He knows what’s best for us. 

It’s similar to the relationship between a child and their parents. The child might not understand their parents’ rules, but they are expected to follow them because their parents know what’s best for their children. 

We are expected to follow God’s commandments because they will lead us to happiness, joy, and fulfillment. And that’s all He wants for us because He loves us. 

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Love & Serve Others

Loving and serving others can sometimes be challenging because some people can be hard to love. But something God asks us to do is to love each other and serve each other.

He is very appreciative when His children are kind to one another, just as parents are pleased when their children are kind to each other. 

To love each other is to refrain from judgment and to wish the best for one another.

This is hard, and it’s not possible to be perfect at it. Sometimes judgment just sort of happens without us realizing it. The best way to be less judgmental is to notice when you are judging someone and practice empathy for them. The more often you do this, the more it becomes natural not to jump straight to judgment. 

God also loves when we serve each other because service is a part of love. When you love someone, you serve them. Here are 100 different simple ways to serve others

Make Time for Him

Our lives can get busy. And if you asked us how important a relationship with God is in our life, we would express that it is extremely important. So why is it so hard for us to make time for Him? 

We get so caught up in all of our responsibilities, hobbies, trials, and other life adventures that it can be easy to forget to dedicate some time to God. This is especially true when you’re young, and you feel like you have so much life to live. 

But making time for God doesn’t have to mean giving up things you need or want to do. There are plenty of easy ways to make time for God in our everyday lives. 

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude in our daily lives not only shows God that we love Him and are grateful for His hand in our life, but it also helps us shift our perspective and attitude towards life. We will inevitably feel more joy and satisfaction. 

When you wake up, list three things you are grateful for. This will start your day out positively. Before bed, list three things that happened that day that you are grateful for. Even if you had the worst day ever, you can always think of three things you’re grateful for. 

The more you practice gratitude, the happier your life will be. 


Prayer is our way of talking to God. When we speak to Him about what’s going on in our lives, it shows Him that we love Him and feel safe coming to Him and confiding in Him. 

It can be very beneficial to start our day out with a prayer, end our day with a prayer, pray before meals, and just pray anytime you need to feel closer to God. In your prayers, express your gratitude, and ask God to bless you and help you in your trials and struggles. 

Surround Yourself With Things That Uplift You

Your environment plays a huge role in your attitude, your happiness, and your relationship with God. If you surround yourself with people who don’t have the best morals and listen to music that goes against God’s standards, you will feel more negative feelings. 

Surround yourself with people with similar religious beliefs or morals, listen to uplifting music, watch good movies, etc. Anything that encourages and uplifts you, and makes you feel closer to God, is going to improve your life. 

Need some good Christian music to lift your spirits? Check out this Christian workout playlist.

What did you think of these ways to show your love for God?

Out of these seven ideas, are there any that you already do? Are there any that you want to prioritize? We hope these ideas can help you on your spiritual journey to help you feel close to God. 

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  1. God loves me and loves you.We want to spend time with God and be thankful.God is 24-7 for us is not excuse to do not share time with Him,because God is number one in our life.Its our hearts our airs our dreams came truth, everything is possible if we can build a strong relationship with God.in Jesus name, peace in the world, thanks God for everything I have.

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