A Dream From God: The Flowers Will Return Again

A Dream From God: The Flowers Will Return Again

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Philippians 4:6 NIV

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Philippians 4:6

God speaks to us in many different ways, at many different times. Most recently an answered prayer was spoken to me through a dream from God.

In the dream I was with my young daughter, we were in a field with rolling hills and willow trees, surrounded by an assortment of beautiful flowers. 

The sun reflected brightly off her white-blonde hair as we ran through the fields picking wildflowers, resting under a willow tree in the shade for a picnic and rolling down a hill exploding in laughter when we reached the bottom. I remember God smiling down at us and feeling at peace, but it was the end of summer and time was running out for the flowers and exquisite landscape. 

As we were taking a rest, an old farmer came along in a tractor and started cutting down the tall grasses and flowers in preparation for fall. My daughter and I watched as the tractor went round and round the field until every last flower was gone. 

Instead of being sad I took her hand, and we began to walk home, still feeling at peace knowing that next year the flowers would return again and being thankful for the wonderful day we had just had.

I woke from this dream feeling serene but also confused as to what it meant. All day I thought about my dream and remembered my prayer I’ve been so often praying recently and I realized.. this was a dream from God, sent to ease my troubled mind. 

I’m currently pregnant with our second child who’s due to come into this world at the end of summer. I’ve been excited although a bit anxious, nervous and overwhelmed with this new addition to our family and how it will affect my daughter as she’s used to being an only child.

I’ve also vowed to try and make this summer as special as possible for her, filling it with as many fun things and adventures as I can, because before long it won’t just be me and her during the day, there will be a new little one demanding a majority of my attention. 

My prayers to God have been about all of this…my anxious and somewhat scared mentality of the near future and what it holds and the bittersweet time I have left with my daughter before its not just us anymore; as I step onto the new roll as a mom of two and she steps into her new roll as big sister. 

God is gracious and He understands the insecurities of our hearts, especially the insecurities of the overflowing hearts of mamas that are filled with love and worry, and meets us where we are.

He’s here with us to help navigate through the transitioning of upcoming seasons and the unknown, and always reminding us of that the flowers will return again.

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