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A Life of Praise and Gratitude: How God Wants us to Live

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Many people question why they were born and what their purpose is.

Those questions that people constantly bombard their minds with eat away at the soul, and are a reflection of someone who needs the gospel.

Most Christians know the fundamental principles of their faith, but are we acting out faith in our everyday lives?

A life of true happiness is accepting the gift of salvation Christ gives us and working out our salvation in this distracted society.

A life chasing after distractions that have no right in Heaven makes us shallow and devoid of spiritual fullness. 

Appreciating the Lord’s daily blessings we receive, like opening our eyes every morning, puts into perspective the supernatural awareness we all need to live by.

A life of praise and thanking God is a life to be had. Although this physical experience on Earth is brief, it is still essential to our divine stories.

The Book of Life has an infinite number of chapters written in the language of love and light; our story starts here as flesh and bone. While existing in our earthly temples, we must live fruitfully by expressing our gratitude toward God and learning to live of a life of Praise in His name.  

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They That Worship Must Worship in Spirit and in Truth

God, our Creator, blew the breath of life into our lungs to inhale His good works in this reality. The least we can do is show some reverence in the expressive form of worship.

We all express ourselves differently based on the gifts we are born with, personality traits, and other tangible factors.

Regardless of how we express ourselves, we all should worship the One who gave us a conscience. The ways we worship and praise Him reveal our hearts to our Creator, which is learning to have love for life itself. 

In the same way people workout to be physically healthy, the way we worship our Lord and Savior is to exercise our spirit.

Since we are spirits living in a body, when we worship the Father, our source, we open our hearts and pour it out to Him, emptying the bad and taking in the good.

All of this to say, when we worship by committing to acts of praise, we release our sinful egos that burden the soul. 

Faith In His Will

God knows the end from the beginning and the amount of hair follicles on our heads. His will is above ours because His throne is so high; it is outside time.

This should not discourage us because our Father loves us, and if He is for us, then who shall be against us?

We were created to accept His spiritual truths as a way of life and embrace whatever comes to us because He is omnipresent. This means that, yes, things may get complicated, but His will makes everything processable on a level we can digest and get through. 

To have faith isn’t to be foolish like most people in this society that promotes we have to do it all on our own.

To have blind faith is to be wise, and to have wisdom is to unlock all life’s potential.

We have a role to play when having faith, and the act of showing our faith means we can be productive and promised to have a full life through His will.

If God did everything for us without us lifting a finger, this life would not be worth experiencing. The fact that we get to practice our faithfulness makes living worthwhile. 

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Having A Humble Spirit

Being overly prideful can cause us to feel like a god in our own right. We all have an ego to various degrees of how we depict ourselves to others. Having an ego makes us human, but it’s connected to sin that we inherited after the fall of humanity.

The meek shall inherit the Earth, so when we humble ourselves to God’s blessings, we are the miracles of a fallen world.

When we humble ourselves, the burden of life’s pressures can be lifted off our shoulders through prayer.

A humble spirit is a spirit that does not lie to ourselves with a false destiny of embracing the evils of this world. If we are not humble, then we are no different than the wrong we often would be quick to label others as. 

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The way God wants us to live is by accepting the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and loving Him. I feel that’s the basis for a fruitful life. What life has to offer us is revealed through His will for our purpose as we reap and sow throughout this part of our holy story. 

Our Father in Heaven is of love, light, and mercy. Everything created by His will, we are called to reflect onto the world.

That is an excitingly happy life. While we are alive, live with praise and gratitude that our loving Father allowed us, His children, to be put on this experience. The ride isn’t perfect, but you are on it. 

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