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A Mustard Seed of Faith

I have heard, read, and possibly even memorized the Bible verse pertaining to a mustard seed of faith countless times in my nearly 44 years of life.

However, it was not until a recent season of life that it rang true for me.

One might say that I was the mountain, and my faith was finally in accordance with God’s will. Because He moved me. He gracefully, patiently, lovingly moved this mountain of stubborn, hard-hearted pride.

 He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20-21 ESV

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Matthew 17:20 esv faith like a mustard seed

It started around three months ago. I had a bizarre mountain biking accident, shattering the bone on either side of my elbow.

It was termed a double fracture, but it felt like a good old-fashioned break. For a full-grown adult woman that had never broken a bone (and is known for having a somewhat low tolerance to pain), it was quite the ordeal.

The healing, the physical therapy, the sling, the splint, trying to do the most mundane of things. You never truly realize how much you take things for granted… until they don’t work!

As I was convalescing from my injury, my husband and I got into an argument. We had had some marital issues for a while leading up to this time.

As things inevitably do, at the least opportune of times, it all came to a head a mere three days after my biking accident. We decided to separate for a time, to really weigh the pros and cons of a worse fate, divorce.

As if that was not enough, my bedroom flooded due to a busted pipe, my 13-year-old-son got into some pretty significant trouble at school, I got rear-ended while headed to my son’s basketball game, out of town. And my husband suffered an insane bike accident nearly two months after mine, landing him in the Emergency Room with life-threatening injuries.

God was clearly trying to get my attention.

After my initial disbelief, denial, and anger, I finally relented to surrender.

What else could I do?

And guess what? Once I finally let go, gave it to Him, and pled, with tears streaming down my face, from the solace of my hardwood bathroom floor, for Him to rescue me, things started falling into place.

I let go of what I could not control (which was pretty much everything at that point).

I focused on my two sons. I dug into my passion for writing and started seeking more freelance opportunities.

I even started a small business, Manna’s Bag of Blessings. A communal outreach delivery of treasures for women going through difficult times. Basically, a floral delivery service, but instead of flowers, my bags encompassed a live plant, a candle/lotion/sachet of lavender, an uplifting Bible verse, a piece of vintage jewelry, a seasonal or holiday item of home decor, and a mini jar of mustard seeds, with this very Bible verse printed on card stock and attached to the seeds as a daily reminder to “have faith,” no matter how small.

During this season, I prayed for a Biblical verse to speak to me.

As I hungrily dug into God’s Word, I kept seeing this specific verse over and over in the most random (not random) ways.

Faith as small as a mustard seed capable of moving a mountain?!

With all the mountains I was up against, this verse seemed like proper ammunition to not only strengthen my faith, but to give me a shot of hope, that God would deliver me from this season of, what felt like, multiple uphill battles.

An avid James Avery collector, I browse the enticing website from time to time. I also receive the e-messages and even mail catalogues when new designs are released and promoted. I happened to notice one of the latest designs was a charm, with the very verse about faith like a mustard seed, which had just been released. I was so excited to purchase this charm, along with a mini yellow bead, to represent a mustard seed.

The very day I decided to share this story, I was walking down the hallway where I work. One of my coworkers’ office doors was shut. Her keys were in the lock on the outside of her door. Something prompted me to take a closer look at her key chain. Which just happened to be a mustard seed pendant with the words, “All things are possible,” beautifully scripted on the surface.

Okay, God! I get it!!

I was overjoyed at this message He has clearly been repeating to me time and time again these last few weeks of mayhem.

My situation is still unsettled. But I truly feel the power of God at work in all things in my life. I honestly do not care what the outcome is at this point, for He has grown my small mustard seed of faith exponentially.

And I know that whatever comes will be graced by His faithful and loving hands.

All of the James Avery charms I have collected over the years hold special significance for me. But there is something about this one that is all-encompassing. A simple reminder that no matter how small my faith, when put in the divine hands of my Heavenly Father, He is faithful to multiply that faith.

And yes, He does still move mountains. Whether those mountains are impossible situations, or stubborn mindsets and hardened hearts. He is the way-maker, and this simple yet elegant charm, which will soon adorn my neck, is a daily reminder of this faithful fact.

A brief addendum. I sent this writing to the Director of Customer Service and Marketing at the major corporation, James Avery Artisan Designs.

Before I had a chance to order the piece for myself, she reached out to me and said she would like to gift me the charm and small bead resembling a mustard seed.

I was overjoyed and felt so incredibly humbled by this gesture of kindness which was so obviously led by God’s wonderful interworking in my life.

When I received the gift a few days later, I was so honored to open the beautiful charm, the precious little bead, and also enclosed (which I had no earthly idea), was a shiny sterling silver chain to adorn the two pieces so graciously sent to me.

Our God does work in mysterious ways. He longs to bless His children, in good times and the harder times that inevitably come along.

I will proudly wear this charm that was so beautifully gifted to me and know, deep within my heart, that the message it represents, the small faith no bigger than a mustard seed, always has the divine power to grow, deeming nothing impossible when given to the God that loves our mustard seeds of faith and turns them into divine blessings of mountainous proportion!

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