Christian Movie Review Fireproof

Christian Movie Review: Five Stars for Fireproof

What happens to a married couple when feelings fade, and it begins to seem that everything the other does is directed against you personally?

The routine of everyday life becomes irresistible. All calls for help go unanswered. At this moment, one of the spouses asks himself, “What am I doing next to this person?

This review of Fireproof, a 2008 American Christian family drama may help you answer that question.

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What is the Movie Fireproof About?

Fire brigade captain Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) and his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea), who live in Albany, Georgia, have long ceased to understand each other.

Mutual respect disappeared from their lives. Instead, they can shower each other with seemingly fair reproaches and coldly communicate for several minutes a day.

Catherine is sure that the whole thing is Caleb’s indifference. And when should he think about relationships if every day of his life is a feat?

His philosophy: “Never abandon your comrade.” In the service, he is a model for colleagues. Loyal and responsible. It is the job of a real hero. 

Masculine independence and pride prevent Caleb from understanding what Catherine needs until it’s too late. So, she starts divorce proceedings.

How did it happen that two worthy people; a brave firefighter and a charming, kind woman, are so unhappy together?

Caleb’s father introduces him to a forty-day wager. He is very religious and tries to introduce his son to the faith so that he can restore peace and tranquility in his own family.

The meaning of these 40 days is in a daily changing rule that would hold back negative thoughts and actions. Day after day, Caleb has to fight with himself to become a good husband to his wife.

Fireproof Cast

Fireproof 2008 is a Christian drama directed by Alex Kendrick.

This film turned out to be so heartfelt that, despite the negative reviews from critics at the initial stage, the film was a great success during the rental period.

That year, the film became the highest-grossing independent work on a Christian theme. In the movie, Alex Kendrick himself appears in a small role as a priest who re-signs the main characters’ family vows.

Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea convincingly played spouses on the verge of divorce.

Interestingly, Kirk Cameron, who plays the title role in the film, is a Christian evangelist. So he waived his acting fee to donate money to the church.

In addition, religious beliefs did not allow him to kiss other women, and in the film, he kisses his heavily made-up wife instead of the actress who plays the role of Catherine. This scene was made romantically darkened so that no one would notice the difference.

Why You Should Watch this Christian Movie

Although the picture is saturated with Christian themes, it is fascinating from a psychological point of view.

The film Fireproof creates such a a believable atmosphere of hopelessness when it seems that the marriage is bursting at the seams, and there is no hope for its salvation, that a little more and everything will end.

The viewer fully believes in everything that happens on the screen, passing through himself the emotions that the main characters experience. 

During the entire viewing, I wanted to understand how the characters could overcome all the barriers and save the marriage.

The strength of this story lies in its simplicity and versatility. This picture gives a method that works for almost any married couple. It reminds us of such universal values as marriage, family, respect, and fidelity.

On the other hand, film critics found the film frankly weak: its morality is too literal, the images are collective, and the heroes’ actions are predictable.

Of course, the resistance of some viewers was also caused by how straightforwardly, and uncompromisingly the film’s creators adhere to the Christian position. All things are called by their proper names: sin is sin, and love is love.

On a modest budget of $500,000, the film grossed $33,456,317 in the US and more than $33 million worldwide.

As a matter of fact, these figures testify to the sympathy, moods, and expectations of the audience. A question for film industry professionals: Are you still sure that a successful film must have intimate scenes and shootouts?

That is an interesting detail. The manual, which according to the plot of the picture, is given to the main character by his father, exists in reality. It is The Love Dare by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick.

Each of the forty days described in it opens with a quotation from the Bible and ends with a task – a “challenge.”

I believe this film should be shown to spouses in a state of protracted conflict, and/or a crisis in family relations.

Also, Fireproof will be helpful to young families who have not yet faced severe problems in family life. In this case, you will undoubtedly be ready for such difficulty.

Bonus: Check out this Fireproof Your Marriage Couple’s Kit on Amazon.

Other Christian Movies Like Fireproof

Indivisible, 2018

Returning home from duty, Chaplain Darren Turner is faced with an identity crisis that destroys his family and faith in God. But, with the support of former colleagues, the hero is trying to get his life back.

Indivisible is a wonderful film about how war changes people and how difficult it is for them to return to civilian life later.

By the way, the film is based on the true story of Darren Turner. He was an Army chaplain who struggled to balance his faith and the Iraq War.

Miracles From Heaven, 2016

Miracles From Heaven is a fantastic story that is impossible to believe without seeing it with your own eyes. When all seems lost, and only pain and despair lie ahead, Heaven gives hope to those who believe.

Many say that the film is complete propaganda of Christianity, but for me, it’s just the story of one family. It just so happened that it’s a family of believers; it is their way of life and thinking.

Miracles from Heaven is a lovely and touching film about faith, friendship, family, and the miracle we are all waiting for. I just urge those who read my review to watch this masterpiece. (Check out the book here).

War Room, 2015

War Room is a family film that explores the role prayer plays in the lives of the Jordan family. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan are a middle-class couple with a great job, a beautiful daughter, and their dream home. But looks can be deceiving. 

In reality, Jordan’s marriage has become a war zone, and their daughter is collateral damage. But, with the help of Miss Clara, an elderly, wise woman, Elizabeth discovers that she can start a fight for her family, not against them.

And, thanks to their newfound faith, Elizabeth and Tony’s real enemy has no prayer.

Here, we can see the fantastic relationship between God and man. I reviewed this film several times, and the desire to have my separate prayer room arose after the first viewing. Where there is spiritual warfare, solitude is often needed.

This film is based on the fundamental values of any religious family; when a woman begins to pray, her life changes, and the life of all her relatives. The main thing is to do it with inspiration and constantly.

The War Room is worth seeing for all women who feel discord in the family and want to return warmth and love to their marriage by all means.

A Walk in the Clouds, 1995

The plot here is simple to the point of naivety. Returning home from the war, Paul Sutton (Keanu Reeves) accidentally meets a beautiful girl on the train on her way home from school. After talking, he learns she is pregnant by a married college professor. After a brief hesitation, he agrees to appear before her despotic father as a husband to delay the moment of her public deprivation of honor for a while.

Everything goes well until the Wine Festival, during which they fall madly in love with each other. And a whirlwind of feelings takes them to an incredibly wonderful country called “passion.”

But the mind begins to win, returning them to reality, in which Paul has to go home to his unloved wife.

It is a pleasure to watch how true love is born among amazing landscapes, love that is not afraid of obstacles and difficulties.

A Walk in the Clouds is a unique film that everyone should watch. After it, an indescribable feeling of inner joy remains full of life and meaning. See it, you won’t regret it!

Personally, I would like to focus on the music of Maurice Jarre. For me, the soundtrack of A Walk in the Clouds is the music with which I go through life. I turn on this soundtrack and hear so much love and beauty in these notes. And it’s during those moments I think that everything in my life will be fine.

This film will touch the soul of many because it is about how love dies.

But if you watch this film carefully, behind the biblical motives, you will see a natural path to family harmony, finding oneself, and understanding a partner. And your heart will be very warm.

If you want to see more movies about love, check out my list of romance movies that make you cry.

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