Every Storm in Your Life Can Redeem through Faith

Every Storm in Your Life Can Redeem Through Faith

When the pandemic came, it became a rollercoaster feeling for every average person.

Each one of us has felt down with insecurities, worries, and other destructive beliefs. That negative emotions rush under our skin. It felt so damaging towards our heart, mind, and soul. 

I almost felt crushed down on my knees.

My motivation to start over became a lack of determination. Contemplating every single day, how could I bring back hope and love.

My inner voice told me, “there’s better than this.” 

Every situation I took was a cycle of failures that I thought I would always be in a state of confusion and hatred.

A cycle of feeling scared, depressed, and controlling what I should do in my life. But still, there was a lack of something I didn’t know.

These are the moments when you feel like you’re burdening all your hope into the storm; the moment you feel you are a failure because of your past mistakes.

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Every Storm in Your Life Can Redeem through Faith

How Every Storm in Your Life Can Redeem Through Faith

Seeking Truth: Written Deep in the Heart

In my 25 years of living, I have still felt lacking in making changes because of fear inside my heart.

It started in the middle of the chaos that struck down my mind and heart; the isolation.

Isolation from the outside world. Even though I’m still breathing. Still doing the best I can in my online business, nourishing my personal health and relationships. It brings peace and comfort, yet my anxiety flows inside my body.

It’s common; the feeling of anxiety creating a panic until you begin to overthink what to do with your life

I began asking myself these questions:

What is my life purpose?

Why am I here on this planet?

Did I deserve this?

Am I on the right path?

I’ve had to move forward and say to myself that I am a strong woman. But even still, often being unaware, I over criticize my inner worth. I live in people-pleasing and manipulating tactics of some of the other people inside my circle. And often, I feel I don’t fit anywhere.

So I keep moving forward and keep seeking the answers to my questions.

Until one day, I realized through an acquaintance that what I need the most is the Living Water.

Living with a purpose is deeper than that. It’s about Living in Spirit and Truth.

Live in Faith: Drinking Spiritual Milk like a Child

Growing my faith became a continuous process that changed my whole mind and heart.

I’ve never thought that my purpose is not from my will, but God’s will according to His purpose. That His purpose over my life is what He wants to whisper to me through His precious Son, Jesus Christ.

Since high school, I was told to keep praying for what’s best.

It became a habit every night before sleeping. Doing this was something I worked on until my twenties. And I started to become more thirsty for a spiritual life.

I started by attended a simple Bible Reading that I was invited to by a colleague. I realized this is what I needed the most, even though at first – it was uncomfortable, because it was so different from what I had been used to.

Even now, my heart is still in the middle of healing, growing, and learning.

It is a continuous process that I needed to take. To become open-minded to seeking the Truth.

And the truth is to be reconciled with God through His son Jesus Christ.

I have been a believer my entire life, but this is not about having a religion. This is about believing that God is right here in the moment in our lives. He knows every single one of us.

I began reading the scriptures in ample time every morning for devotion, and I wrote a Bible Journal note for my self-realization. It’s been a year since I started to change my whole idea of living because of God. I used to be in darkness, Now I found light in my unbreakable Faith.

There have been times when I have been unable to attend church on Sundays due to my work schedule, but I’ve learned that in reality it doesn’t need to be like this. I’ve realized the most important Biblical lesson is God’s unconditional love.

So, I took enough time and effort to know God’s will for every believer like me. I never thought I would begin to shift my negative beliefs to something that felt surreal.

His words are my hope and strength. Focusing on the present moment rather than being anxious about what my future holds.

When life knocks you down, get back up again with His love. You just need to keep believing, seeking and keep Him inside your heart.

Most people are accountable for that especially being a Christian. One must understand God’s words in full and keep them through one’s mind and heart. This is why faith in action is greater than anything.

I am still experiencing anxiety when a problem attacks my brain.

But I keep holding to God’s promise and that is being saved from spiritual death. A fruitful testimony that every storm can be stopped because God will make His way to your life. You are His child and have a noble and humble heart to put Him in your mind, soul, and spirit.

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