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God Keeps His Promises

God is not asking you to believe in the promise itself, but in the God who promised it. Trust that if He promised it, it will be fulfilled.

God is a God of promises.

It can be easy to forget that at times when life’s difficulties and hardships crowd in around us.

We can lose sight of things He promised to us in the Bible or even promises to us today.

I don’t know if you have ever felt the whispered promise of something to come. Maybe you’ve been given the promise of a child or a certain job or relationship. Maybe God has seemed eternally silent in your life, and you’ve never heard the gentle conveyance of something precious that God wants to give you. 

I have been in some pretty hard and dark times over the last few years.

Things I thought were promised to me were torn away from me and left me broken and shattered. Dreams I dreamed were just that, dreams that never broke through to the realm of reality. Promises I thought God had promised to me fell away and never came to pass.

It’s hard to keep believing in something that never comes to pass or brings about the good things you expected or were hoping for.

But, amidst all the dark and shattered pieces of my broken and decaying heart, God has been reminding me that He is still a God of promises. 

In recent days and weeks, God has been reminding me of His goodness.

He has been reminding me of His love. He has been calling to my heart to turn back to Him and put my trust in Him and who He has proved Himself to be instead of my circumstances.

He has been beckoning to His beloved’s heart to believe in Him and let the longing and love of His heart reach into the depths of my tattered soul and give Him a chance to love me the way I was created to be loved.

He has been asking me to let Him hold the pieces of my broken heart for a while so He can put it back together in a new way and let it beat again.

When my faith was tested a few years ago, it fell apart in almost every way possible.

I had been putting my hope and faith in something, rather than putting it fully in God, and looking back, I felt like I had failed Him and let my faith crumble instead of building it up in Him and being able to stand up strong in Him.

In the midst of that heartache and failure, I felt God gently calling to me and saying that sometimes a person’s faith or heart has to crumble and fall apart completely so He can put it back together and make it completely new.

Sometimes things have to be torn apart or people need to be torn away from us so we can find wholeness and healing in Him, and not in that thing or person.

And sometimes He gives those people or things back to us in a new and better way than would have ever existed if they had never been taken from us.

It is hard to let go of some things sometimes. 

It is hard to trust in a God of promises who seems to be fulfilling everyone else’s promises and not doing anything in your life. 

It is hard to believe when every time you’ve believed and hoped in something good from God, it hasn’t worked out or been the opposite of a good thing. 

But, no matter how bad our circumstances, how broken our hearts,  how tattered our souls, God is still God. He always desires to see good things for us and give us a life of peace and abundance in Him.

He loves you so much more than you can ever imagine and thinks of you as His Beloved.

He has been fulfilling His promises to His children since the beginning of time, and if it is His will, nothing will stand in the way of His promise.

The world told Sarah she could never have children, yet God promised not only to give her a son but to make that son into a great nation. 

Fear told Israel time and time again that they couldn’t cross the Red Sea, that they couldn’t defeat the peoples who lived in the Promised Land because they were so huge and outnumbered them, that a taunting giant couldn’t be defeated, and the list goes on and on.

God is not asking you to believe in the promise itself, but in the God who promised it. Trust that if He promised it, it will be fulfilled.

Science said it would be impossible for a virgin to conceive or that a man could be raised from the dead.

Yet, all these things happened because of the promise of an Almighty God, and the fulfillment of these promises was not dependent on the person these things were promised to.

They only happened because of the love and power of God.

They seemed impossible, and by all accounts of reason, they were impossible. Those whom God made these promises to, questioned Him asking how these things could be done.

God’s answer was always the same. “I AM. I am God. If I say it will be done, it will be done. And, I will do it in such a way that no one can doubt that it was Me who did it.”

If you are in a place of doubt this season, I pray God will reach into your heart and remind you of His goodness and all the promises He has fulfilled in the past.

May God remind you of the greatest promise of all that was made at the beginning of creation and fulfilled in the form of a baby boy that was born to a virgin in the town of Bethlehem.

An eternal promise made out of the depths of God’s love for us.

Trust, Rest, and Believe in the God of promises.

When He promises something to you, He is asking you to trust in the faithfulness of the God who promised it and asking you to rest in His character that has shown time and time again that He always fulfills His promises.

If you seek after God and put your trust in Him, you are putting your trust in the one who made the promise and not the promise made. He will make it happen.

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