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How to Have a Closer Relationship With God: 4 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now

Over this past few years, I’ve learned the true meaning of how to have a closer relationship with God. When I make an effort to bring the Lord into my daily life things go easier, my heart is less heavy, and He meets me where I am.

God knows what each of us needs. He knows the exact ways to talk to us, how to get our attention.

Sometimes we need bolder attention-getters than just a gentle nudge. 

How to Have a Closer Relationship with God

How to Have a Closer Relationship With God Pinterest

Honoring God at Home

These are a few ways I bring God into my life on a daily basis……and the first one is laundry. 

You may be thinking, laundry? How in the world does God have anything to do with laundry?

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One day as a new mom, I received some life changing advice from an aunt who has four children.

She constantly did laundry.

Instead of sitting there resenting the mountains of folding there was to do, she prayed.

While folding each child’s clothes she prayed for them.

I’ve taken this advice to the heart and now see laundry in a new light.

While I fold my daughters’ little clothes I pray for her, while I fold my husbands’ jeans and work shirts I pray for him. It has become a sacred time I have with the lord, there is always laundry to be done just like there’s always always, always prayers to be prayed for your loved ones.  

Opening The Door

Open your door, to your home and your heart. 

I like to believe our old farmhouse is a place of comfort for our friends. Since we moved here three years ago, it has become a gathering place for our loved ones.

We make sure our door is always open, and God is a subject to many heart to heart conversations. There have been late night deep conversations on the front porch between my husband and a friend. There have been tears shed in my kitchen over coffee, many hugs, and much laughter.

When you invite God into your home, He brings peace, and comfort with Him that touches everyone who walks through the door. 

Read the Bible

I used to have nightmares, bad nightmares.

I prayed for escape from them, but they still came. It wasn’t until I turned to the word that I finally received some peace.

My husband and I now read from the word right before we go to sleep. Even if it’s just a few verses it brings solace and protection. 

Listen to What God is Telling You (And Make Him a Priority)

Acknowledge those nudges from God before they turn into bolder shoves. Whether it’s to call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, or something bigger that you don’t necessarily want to do, listen to those nudges, He’s telling you for a reason. 

In the mornings I try to wake up a little early and have some quiet time with the Lord, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I am guilty of not doing this on occasion though (sometimes more often than not) but it’s the truth. At times my plate seems so full, with a career/family business to help run, a house and family to take care of, it’s hard to get everything done and I feel stretched thin.

Because of this, sometimes my relationship with God gets pushed to the back burner.

But God makes sure you’re taken care of, and He makes sure everything that needs to get done, gets done.

When I consciously make that decision to put God first in the morning, even just for a few minutes, everything else in my day follows along.

Just like it is with life, when you place God first in your life, everything else will fall into place. 

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