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God’s Timing

Every morning for the past few weeks I would excitedly go let the chickens out for the day, sometimes alone, and sometimes with a baby and toddler in tow, and search the coop for the first egg. 

As first-time hen owners, we got our little flock back in the spring while they were still small puffs that could fit in the palm of a hand, but to my disappointment, every morning there were no signs of any eggs.

“I’ts time, why aren’t you laying yet?” I asked them in impatience, with only a cluck or two as response.

This morning I had lost hope. Why bother checking the coop I told myself? As usual there would be no eggs. 

So I let the girls out, fed them, made sure they had water, bid them good day and trekked off back to the house. 

Later in the day I was allotted some free time during a naptime, so I started tackling the to do list that didn’t get done over the weekend. 

Next on the list was cleaning the chicken coop. 

So off I went, and to my biggest surprise, when I opened the door, was two little pale eggs nestled in the far nesting box. 

I had been waiting so long and here they were! Right when I was least expecting it; when I had given up hope.   

Sometimes we can feel this way with God. Sometimes we pray and pray, and nothing happens. 

Sometimes we expect things to happen on our timeline or how we envision, and that’s not always the case. 

It’s so easy to lose hope and to think God doesn’t hear us, but we must have patience. For the Lord’s timing is the right timing. 

We must not give up hope, and like searching for anticipated eggs, always be ready for God’s promises to be fulfilled. 

There are so many examples in the Bible of hope and anticipation of Gods promises; like Abraham and Sarah waiting to get pregnant, Noah waiting for the flood and in his time of waiting, preparing for Gods promise to be fulfilled, and in the parable of the ten virgins – to name just a few.

No matter the reason of the season of waiting, these simple, small eggs have reminded me to stay alert and trust God’s timing. 

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