Jesus Revolution movie review

Jesus Revolution Movie Review

My parents and I, along with my two sons (ages 12 and 10), recently saw the highly anticipated ‘Jesus Revolution’ movie last weekend.

This much-talked-movie literally blew my mind. I knew I would love it. But I had no idea it would touch me so deeply.

I believe everyone, from long-time Christian to brand-new Christian to possibly not-even-a Christian at all, will be moved by this amazing cinematic slice of history.

The stranger sitting beside me kept sniffling as I simultaneously dabbed at my watering eyes. I believe it touched every single soul in that packed movie theater.

Growing up in a very small-town, conservative, non-denominational church, I related (very much) to Kelsey Grammer’s ultra-conservative way of worship.

Yet, when a Jesus-loving hippie sets foot inside his ‘old and tired’ congregation, he shakes things up and gives the church a whole new level of praise and worship they never, in their wildest dreams (which likely were not that wild) saw coming.

As the tides turn, and thousands of young hearts are freely given to Christ, baptized in the now-famous Pirate’s Cove, off the shores of California, the ‘old ways’ seem to have been overtaken by the younger, hipper, free-wheeling Jesus Jubilee.

As with any spiritual revolution, when one loses sight of who and what the focus is, the tight seams begin to gradually unravel.

Pure faith comes into question. Spiritual blessings and miracles can turn to outlandish theatrical displays, and even the most devoted hearts can fall victim to sinful bouts of pride and arrogance.


The over-arching message of this based-on-true-events movement, is that God can and will, see His message shared.

He is capable, and actually specializes, in working through the most outlandish of creatures that are part of this vast human race we all share.

He successfully graced a whole generation of war-rioting, peace-loving, drug-imbibing hippies, and even managed to turn the sharpest-edged ‘squares’ into the sincerest of compassionate hearts, capable of expanding their comfortable boundaries to reach a spiritually hungry generation.

This movie will change the way you think of religion.

It will blow the dust off those conventional ways of worship, and allow your heart to simply see others’ as souls just as much in need of saving as your very own.

It truly helped to break down some barriers for me, while deeply appreciating those special folks in my life that have always shown Jesus’ love by selfless action, rather than vain hypocritical lingo.

I believe so deeply in the message of this movie, that if you go to see it, and are not deeply touched, while actively tapping your feet to the catchy 70s-inspired soundtrack, not to mention, you find yourself tearing up from feeling such a hopeful connection to a revolution greater than we have ever known, I will personally refund the amount of your movie ticket. (But, I might have some questions, first).

Please, just see the movie. It will renew your faith in humanity.

It will make you feel closer to your fellow man. It will remind you that the greatest revolution the world will ever know, is that of a soul-saving man that wants to be your very best friend.

‘Jesus Revolution’. How awesome it is to think that this very message could start a new revolution in this country?!

Don’t you think it’s time for another? After seeing the flick, you may just want to start a Jesus Revolution in your very own hometown.

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