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Jesus Saves

The original version of this guest blog, “But God” was published on 9/18/23 on Ericka Clay. The author, Gary Florence, has since made edits and wishes to share his testimony on S+S. Thank you, Gary!

Back on August 3rd 2022 when I arrived at work, I noticed I had a voice mail message from my wife, Robin. She was crying and in the message I could hear her saying, “I think I am having a stroke. I called my sister and she’s on her way.”

I work 30 miles from our home. She was taken by ambulance to our local ER where she also works.

Luckily, the drivers knew her and her coworkers knew she was coming. When I got there I was met by her nurse and my sister in law, Wendy.

The nurse informed me that my wife was having a CT Scan, and that they believed she was having a brain bleed and a helicopter was on its way.

When she got back to the ER room she was in a lot of pain. A few moments later she let out this blood curling yell and fell into a coma.

Her nurse ran past me and yelled, “Respiratory Stat Room 7,” and I could hear the announcement made over the intercom. By now, her co-workers realized this is where Robin was and everyone was getting concerned.

Seven or eight people came rushing into the room and surrounded Robin. I was pushed back into a corner and all I could think or do was outstretch my hands toward her and let the Holy Spirit lead me in prayer.

We didn’t know it at the time, but found out later that when the ER Doctor saw her scans, he had said “This is bad. This is very bad.”

The helicopter arrived and she was flown to another hospital about 62 miles away.

While driving there, I received an urgent phone call that informed me that we were “In a fatal situation, and doing everything we can to keep your wife alive.”

I was still 45 minutes away.

The Holy Spirit rose up on the inside of me and I felt this authority come over me. I spoke out loud, “In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of death to leave the OR now.”

I once again felt the Holy Spirit lead me into prayer.

Arriving at the hospital, the receptionist met us and said, “You have the best of the best working on your wife.”

God knows the beginning to end, and the end to beginning. He was dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s weeks. months, even years before, knowing that August 3, 2022 was coming.

When the surgeon was in his mother’s womb, God was at work weaving the tapestry of this man’s life. Lining up his gifts and calling to be a surgeon. Knowing that one day, His daughter would be suspended between life and death, and this man would be the one called upon in her moment of need.

Through prayer and the grace of God, Robin survived.

The surgeon told me they go by a severity chart of 1-5, with five being the most severe. He told my my wife was at the top of a five.

He also said when someone is at a five, 1/3 will die before they get to the hospital. One third will die on the OR table, and the 1/3 who do survive, 1/3 of them will leave the hospital permanent disabled.

When I walked into her room after surgery, she was laying there on life support. There were so many IVs sticking out of her, and they have shaved her head right up the middle and placed a plastic tube to drain blood into a bag.

I took one look at her and turned toward the wall and began to sob. I thought to myself – that is not my wife who just a few hours ago I said goodbye, love you, see you tonight.

The next day, one of the team members came in and pointed to Robin and said, “She should not be lying there, that’s how bad it was. This is truly a miracle.”

Robin spent the next 42 days in hospitals. Twenty-three of those days were in the ICU on and off life support, in and out of a coma.

She spent 32 days at the hospital where she had surgery, and luckily my employer was so good to me and allowed me the time off to be with the love of my life.

Every day I drove 90 minutes each way so I could hold her hand and be there with her.

I did not sit at her bedside begging, pleading, or making deals with God. Instead, I sat as a son. Partnering with my Father, calling those things that be not as if they were.

I spoke life, healing, abundance, acceleration over my wife, day after day.

I watched with my own eyes my wife go from death to life.

I saw miracle after miracle take place in her body. I saw “but God” moments; the sudden moments of God take place throughout her journey.

While in the ICU she would experience severe spasms in the blood vessels of her brain, and they would have to perform an emergency procedure called an angiogram.

I received a phone call one night at 9:20 pm and was informed the procedure needed to happen immediately.

When I went in the next day, the doctor who performed the angiogram was standing over Robin, moving her right arm around.

When he left, the nurse came in and said, “I’m sorry to inform you, but your wife’s right side has been compromised, and as bad as it is, she will never regain full strength or mobility.”

But I told the nurse I believed in the power of prayer. She told me that she was also a Christian and had the same beliefs.

We both stood on either side of Robin, and we prayed together over my wife.

That night as I pulled into the driveway of our home, I heard the closest audible voice of God that I have ever heard.

I heard such a strong, resounding word in my spirit. “Whose word are you going to believe? Man’s word, or My Word?”

I began to weep sitting in the car as I yelled, “I choose to believe your word!”

The next day in Robin’s room the doctor came back in and asked me how I thought she was looking. I told him better than she did 24 hours ago, and he agreed.

No sooner did he say this then Robin threw her right hand over her head. He said now she was just showing off.

Today. Robin has full motion, range, and strength. She is not compromised in any way. She is fully healthy and has recovered in a remarkable way.

On November 7th, 2022, Robin went back to work part-time, and even drove herself there.

On December 1st, she returned to work full-time.

I am so proud of my wife. She never once pitied herself, or asked why God allowed this to happen to her.

Her faith grew and became more resolved.

Not only is she my wife and companion, but she is my best friend. I call it an honor to be her husband.

In May of 2023 we had a follow-up with her surgeon, and he said that as bad as it was, 90% of people suffering what Robin did will die. He said in most cases, he is transitioning the person’s body from life to death, trying to make them as comfortable as he can until they pass.

But he said in Robin’s case, it was nothing short of miraculous. Needless to say, our drive home was full of thanksgiving, praise, a lot of wow’s, and plenty of tears.

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