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There’s Only One Source for the Hope We All Need

As I read my Bible, it seems I’m constantly reminded of the importance of hope. The funny thing is hope doesn’t always look like I think it should.

Take Hannah, for example.

I absolutely cannot wrap my head around her painful desire to be a mother ending in having a son who she only saw once a year.

Yet she gives every indication of being grateful to the Lord for giving Samuel to her.

She is never anything but a loving mother. In fact, she loved Samuel so much that she was willing to love God even more, something that would not only change his life but ours as well.

As is true with everything, God’s hand was clearly in Hannah’s life.

Hannah was never in control at all, but she called out to the One who was.

““For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.”

Isaiah 55:8 NIV

There are so many times, as I read the pages of the Word of God, that it’s easy for me to think of how everyone’s life could have been easier if their circumstances had shifted just a little.

But I have to remind myself that I don’t know the whole story, and I never will because, like Hannah, I’m not in control.

Whether it’s the trial of barrenness suffered by Hannah, the seemingly off-course times in the life of David, or even what people like you and me go through, God always knows more than we can ever begin to imagine.

David must have wondered why he spent so much time hiding out in caves, barely escaping the death Saul so desperately wanted for him.

After all, he was chosen by God to be the King.

Can you imagine suffering the way he did? Can you imagine the thoughts that went through his head as he most definitely was not living his best life in his very own palace?

God didn’t give him a timeline, but God did give him everything he needed to endure. God did bring him out of that wilderness when His time was right. God never ever left David’s side.

David had to trust, had to keep his faith even when nothing in his life seemed to corroborate the promise he knew he had received from God.

We do too.

Sometimes we fail to recognize that God is so big that he truly knows every hair on our head.

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

Luke 12:7 NIV

We cry. That’s okay. Hannah and David did too. But they also set an example for us that will make all the difference in our lives if we let it.

They knew God. We can too if we spend time with Him.

They trusted God. We can trust God too if we open our hands and hearts, truly releasing 100% of our desires and fears to him.

They were able to rest in hope because they believed His promises. We can have this blessed hope wash over us too if we keep our focus on Him and Him alone.

Hannah and David weren’t perfect. I’m so glad I can read about their imperfections in the Bible.

You see, this gives me the most hope of all.

If I accept all Jesus has done for me, rest in the Truth that is Him, and have the tiniest bit of faith, He will grant me the desires of my heart. Even if they don’t look like what I expect them to.

I don’t have to change because I don’t have any power over my life. If I accept all Jesus has done for me, rest in the Truth that is Him, and have the tiniest bit of faith, He will grant me the desires of my heart. Even if they don’t look like what I expect them to.

I’m glad I’m not in control. 

I would have tried to find a way to give Samuel to the Lord and keep him for myself if I had been Hannah.

I would have probably reminded Saul of who I was if I had been David.

I would have made a mess of everything.

If I’m honest with myself, I do that a lot.

But in his grace and mercy that I truly do not understand, God always gently points me back to Him, helps me to lift my eyes from my problems so that I can gaze on His love that He so freely gives to me.

Opening the Bible allows the hope I so desperately need to flow my way. 

If you need a little hope in your life right now, go to the Word of God. You’ll find everything you need on those precious pages. 

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