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The Inspiration of a Mother

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During my daily Bible study, I landed on a familiar story. One I have heard (and read) countless times. So many times, in fact, it seems I could recite it by memory.

Only today, when I read this story, something truly inspired jumped out at me.

I have been focusing on Jesus’ mother, Mary, the past few weeks.

As a boy mom myself, I generally relate to other “boy moms,” especially those I wish to emulate on this wild, unpredictable, oftentimes frightening, and eye-opening adventure that comes with raising boys.

While Jesus was not just any “average boy,” I still believe there was a special bond between Him and His earthly mother.

Today, I found myself lost in the book of John. The chapter (John 2) where Jesus changes water into wine at a local wedding.

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“When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

John 2:3 NIV

Woman [the Greek for ‘Woman’ does not denote any disrespect; this was simply how they addressed women at this time in biblical history], why do you involve me?” Jesus replied, “My hour has not yet come.” John 2:4 NIV

Here is my favorite part….

“His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

John 2:5 NIV

And then…..then (okay, so maybe this is my favorite part) …..

Jesus changed the water to wine!

This whole exchange makes me positively giddy!

It is so undeniably human. So like a son, with his devoted, at times, perhaps, meddling mother.

What do you want me to do about it?” (knowing full well what she wants him to do about it).

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She, like a typical mother, thinks to herself, “Okay, I will just back off a bit” (hoping intrinsically that she made her point crystal clear).

And then, Voila!, the son, likely shaking his head in slight annoyance, but with a half-smile upon his face, thinking to himself that his mother his truly one in a million, proceeds to move ahead with exactly what she advised (without so many words).

As a single mother of two young sons, this typical exchange has happened in my home more times than I can count.

In addition, I have witnessed the humorous and touching lyrical dance between mothers and sons in my family.

It is a precious bond that often shows itself as frustration and strife, but deep inside, emulates a tie between two individuals whose love knows no bounds.

This was Jesus’ first recorded miracle. And it was prompted by… His MOTHER!

How special is that?!

God knew what He was doing when He chose Mary to carry His beloved son.

Did Mary possess this otherworldly favor before, or did God provide her with it after her special assignment was made complete?

I am fascinated by the relationship Jesus shared with every single person mentioned in the Word. And His mother finds her way into those inspired pages several more times throughout the historically true account of Jesus’ life.

I am certainly not a biblical scholar. Nor do I understand the societal norms and nuances of the days when Jesus walked this earth. I could be way off in my basis of exploration in Jesus’ relationship with His mother.

But one thing I do know; the love between a mother and her son is special. It is a bond that, while it becomes somewhat severed when a son marries (the mother should no longer be the main woman in her son’s life), it still remains very much intact and will never fully fade.

Even beyond death, a son will never truly heal from the loss of his mother. She was his first love. His first nurse, teacher, therapist, playmate, friend, disciplinarian, storyteller, confidante; his first partner in so many of life’s monumental experiences.

I believe God has a special heart for our mothers.

He knows the power they are capable of, but He also seasons each mother with a soft touch, a nurturing hand, and a heart that knows absolutely no limits, when it comes to the love of her offspring.

What was it about Mary that stood out to God? That made Him see her as “the one” to raise His son?

Was it based on her quiet persona, her obedient spirit, her will to please the Lord?

Or was it based on a willing heart (and fruitful spiritual growth to follow) that He knew would hold the magical key to the unfolding of His precious Son’s miraculous story?

This familiar story in the book of John sheds new light on Jesus’ relationship with this blessed woman we know as His mother.

She wasn’t just any kindred soul He touched on His earthly walk. They shared a body. They shared a home. They shared many firsts, middles, and lasts.

While Mary was “just a woman,” by the world’s standards, to Jesus, I believe she was so much more. She was the very instrument God used to bring forth the Savior of this world.

I love Mary! I wish I could sit down and have a conversation over coffee with her.

Particularly about the teenage years I am experiencing now.

I am sure she would encourage me to be patient, pray about all things, seek wise counsel, and stop trying to control each situation.

Give my sons room to grow and spread their ornery little wings. Of course, it would be easy for Mary to give advice, her son was perfect!

Still, this account in the book of John gave me great joy.

Mary and Jesus, what a pair.

She pointed out a problem. He arrived with a solution.

And after the wedding, they ventured off toward another town. Jesus, his brothers, his disciples, and… His mother.

She was His entourage, before He had an entourage. As a mother, I can relate to that. I would follow my sons anywhere. Sure, I would be flapping my mouth the whole way, but I would absolutely go to the ends of the earth for those boys that God so richly placed in my life.

And I know Mary felt exactly the same.

After all, she was there, in the stable at His birth, in the city when He began to learn of His true calling, in His daily ministry with the crowds, and standing, heartbroken and tear-stained, at the foot of the cross, when He died.

But that was not the end. It was merely the beginning of this divine relationship Jesus had with His earthly Mother.

And I, for one, cannot wait to see them together someday, standing in the unfathomable paradise of Glory, embracing in a tender mother-son-bear-hug, so full of love and adoration; truly one of the best parts of this life, and assuredly the next.

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