a tradition of epiphany celebration is often a family dinner

Three Kings Day: The Celebration of Epiphany

Signs and epiphanies. They’re all around us. Every day sheltering us, shadowing us, and showing us. We do not always see them; but rest assured, they are no doubt there for the taking if we are open, receptive, and grateful to receive them.

I was recently asked to do a devotion for my church on the subject of “Epiphany.”

I know the word. I know its meaning. I have even used it a few times. But never had I conceived the religious connotation, until just recently, when the music minister at our church enlightened me on its history.

Epiphany Traditions: Reasons to Celebrate Three Kings Day

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Epiphany Traditions: Reasons to Celebrate Three Kings Day

What is the Message of Epiphany?

“Epiphany” or Three Kings Day, is a Christian and Catholic holiday that signifies the end of the Christmas holiday and marks the visit from the Magi, the three wise men, to the Christ child, some days after His arrival.

When is Epiphany Celebrated?

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th, just twelve days after Christmas.

It represents the sheer joy the Magi felt upon experiencing the humble beginnings of such a noble and life-altering child; the very child who would soon become the world’s savior.

How to Celebrate Three Kings Day

For many, Three Kings Day can be as big of a celebration as Christmas Day itself. Families who recognize this holiday often gather together and open gifts and share a traditional meal. Rosca de reyes is often served, a Spanish dessert bread traditionally eaten on Epiphany.

Ironically, I learned the religious meaning of the term weeks before traveling to Colorado with my husband to celebrate our first anniversary.

As we sat in a cozy coffee shop in downtown Manitou Springs, a local man entered to share a cup of coffee with his friend, the owner of the coffee shop. What do you think was the subject of their conversation


The local man had come directly from the church across the street, where his wife was busy taking down Christmas decorations and replacing them with Epiphany decorations.

I was so excited to audibly and visibly observe their conversation, and actually, for once, be somewhat knowledgeable on the subject matter.

I still do not know what ‘epiphany’ decorations consist of, but I am now familiar with the term and its iconic meaning.

The Aha! moment when Christ was beautifully revealed.

Christians each have a similar moment, when Jesus becomes more than a century’s old biblical story.

He becomes real. A true, lasting, loyal friend. A brother that not only loves with all his heart, but sacrificed His very human life for the redemption of those who call him friend and Savior.

While I did not interject in this private conversation on the other side of the coffee shop, I later wished I would have.

But, in God’s sweet way of speaking, He made sure to provide an assurance that the spirit was moving in my mind and heart, even if I did not fully engage in this unique opportunity to witness and share with other believers.

There will be time for shared conversations in the future. The importance of what I have learned is that when you pray diligently for God’s leading, He will absolutely provide an answer.

Manndi Wilkins quote

It may not be immediately. It may be in a way you least expect. Heck, you may not even recognize it at the time. But be still.




And the God who answers prayers. The Lord who changes hearts. The Redeemer that loves to love, He will faithfully meet you at the intersection of understanding, and exciting, magical, AHA! light-bulb moments of a divine and life-changing… Epiphany.

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