Three Ways to Deal with the Closed Doors in Your Life

Three Ways to Deal with the Closed Doors in Your Life

“The blog is on a hiatus right now…”

“We don’t have a place for you to plug in at this time…”

“We’re not in need of more guest submissions…”

These are some of the commons things I’ve heard in response to writing inquiries I’ve sent over the years. Honestly, in spite of having received many rejection emails, each one is still hard for me to read.

I don’t like hearing the word “no” when it comes to my writing.

Chances are, even if you’re not a writer, you’ve also faced closed doors in your life.

I’m not an expert at dealing with those closed doors, but I have learned some good ways to deal with them.

If you’re currently staring at a closed door and feeling tempted to become bitter, I encourage you to change your mindset and embrace these three suggestions:

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Three ways to deal with the closed doors in your life

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1. Don’t focus on what’s currently out of reach; focus on what’s already in your hands

Another closed door in my life right now is marriage.

God hasn’t brought a husband into my life yet, despite my deep longing for this to happen.

But in the waiting, He has filled my life with so many other good things; a supportive family, fun friends, a great church, a steady job, and exciting hobbies.

There may be something (or someone) in your life that simply seems out of reach right now.

Maybe it’s related to your family, friendships, church, career, finances, home, hobby, or something else.

I know how difficult it is to see an opportunity and not be able to have it (at least not yet), but I guarantee that there are other good opportunities in your life for you to enjoy and appreciate.

What has God already placed in your hands for you to focus on in this season?

2. Don’t become resentful when God says “no;” be grateful for each “yes” He has given

It’s easy for me to receive a rejection email about my writing and give into despair and disgust.

I know that God has the power to open any door that He wants to open, so it’s difficult to be okay with Him not opening a particular door.

But in moments when I’m tempted to become frustrated with His plan, it’s always better when I remember the big picture, including the previous doors that He has opened for my writing.

God is at work in your life, even when it feels like He’s still or silent.

He doesn’t say “no” to your requests because He wants to hurt your feelings or make you angry.

When a door in your life doesn’t open, you can rest assured that the closed door is better than the open door. 

What doors has God opened in your past that you can be grateful for today? 

3. Don’t stop praying for something simply because it hasn’t happened yet; learn to trust God’s heart and submit to His will

Some doors are meant to stay closed, which is a super hard lesson that I’ve learned through receiving countless rejection emails.

However, there are other doors that are shut now but will open in the future.

For over six years, I wanted my writing to be published by a particular ministry.

I sent multiple articles to it for publication but kept receiving rejection emails in response; until a few weeks ago when they published my article on their website for the very first time.   

I had been praying for that opportunity for a long time; it simply wasn’t God’s will for my article to be published through that ministry until now.

If you’ve been praying for an opportunity, don’t stop praying for it simply because it hasn’t happened yet!

Some doors will never open, which we have to accept. But by praying for currently closed doors, we can grow in our dependence on God. 

What prayer requests have you stopped praying for because God wasn’t answering them the way that you wanted at the time that you wanted?

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve been praying about something for a long time and it hasn’t happened yet, don’t lose heart; you can always find hope through prayer.

Even when God closes a door in your life, remember that He’s closing it for the best reasons. And never stop praying, friends.

Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer, contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.

Romans 12:9-13 NASB1995, emphasis mine

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  1. Thank you for writhing such a wonderful article, I had trouble sleeping because of some issue and I thought that all door are closed, but after reading your article I am feeling a sense of relief . Once again thank you so much

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