Through older eyes

Through Older Eyes

Last weekend, my fiancé and I had the great pleasure of watching his daughter’s brand new daughter for the afternoon. It was a joy like none other. 

My own babies, both sons, are now 9 and 11 (going on 17).

Gone are the afternoon cuddle sessions and the evening bedtime stories. Gone are the days I could bring a precious giggle with a bizarre sound and facial expression. Gone are the days of them desiring to tell me every single detail of every single second of every single day.

Gone are the days my babies were…babies

As I sat in the comfortable rocking chair of Justin’s living room, holding this bundle of amazing baby girl sweetness, I reminisced about the days when my own sons were babies.

Do I regret the afternoons getting nothing done but holding that helpless little ball of magic I prayed for years would be mine? Absolutely not!

Do I regret not tending to the mounds of laundry littering the bathroom floor because I could not tear myself away from watching my baby sleep? Not a chance.

Do I regret declining social invitations because I did not want to leave my precious babes with a babysitter or offer them as a silver platter cold and flu infested world beyond my front door? Vehement No.  

If I have any regrets whatsoever, they would be that I did not fully treasure every single moment of my sons’ babyhood, because it really does fly by faster than those well-meaning Been There Done That Older Mommas warned me it would.

Psalms 127:3

If I had anything to do over again, it would be to let messages go unanswered, watch less daytime TV, maybe even spend less time getting ready to face the day ahead, and simply revel in the tiny miracle cuddled up in my new mommy arms. 

Thank the Lord we have grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friend’s children, and other family member’s children to remind us. After all, experiencing the newness of life secondhand is quite possibly the most beautiful part of growing older. We do not always adequately appreciate such treasures of time while in the moment. It is after that moment has passed, that we desperately attempt to re-visit or cling to the elusive what once was. 

Being able to experience a precious new life at a more mature age than when I had babies of my own is an absolute delight. I did nothing on this day but hold that precious baby. Feel her sweet breath on my neck as she slept in my arms, marvel at her perfect little fingers and toes, and do everything in my power to bring a rewarding smile to those adorably chubby cheeks. 

“Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.”

Psalms 127: 3

Seeing Justin with his first grandbaby was a joy, the likes of which, I never imagined. I did not get to see him with his own daughter, or with my children, as babies. Witnessing his affection for this little lady was pure magic elixir, which will live in my memory for years to come. 

Days like this come around with no warning, preparation, or regimented schedule. The perfect days. The ones that forever live in our treasured memory book of invaluable life experiences. 

If only this new baby girl knew how much she is adored by so many. I have a feeling, even at her precious baby age, she might just have an inkling…

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