Trading the World's Influence for the Word's

Trading the World’s Influence for the Word’s

I never opened a Bible until I was 28 years old.

Until that point, I was chasing my fleshly desires and was fully convinced the world revolved around me.

However, by God’s grace, Jesus stepped into my identity struggles and the Gospel of Christ became personal.

At that time, I traded my animal-print heels and working woman duds for more casual garments that accommodated my new life as full-time homemaker.

Highly influenced by the world, I had a keen awareness that success was measured by title, status, paycheck, and pursuit of self.

However, God met me in our tiny apartment in Manhattan, (the Little Apple, not the Big Apple) Kansas because I chose to open the Bible and quietly read, study, and learn while my baby Lucy slept soundly for hours every day.

Lucy exited the womb and cut her own umbilical cord. She has been independent since birth, so when she determined that her daily dual nap schedule would be as consistent as the rising sun, I was thankful that my daily study time in the Word was equally as consistent.

During that season of transition, in addition to my career path being redirected, my understanding of the faith adapted.

I began to know God in a personal way. Never mind the heavy hitters of the faith like Billy Graham and R.C. Sproul, my awakening was so intense, I felt like I was the world’s first theologian.

I read the Bible with such shock and awe. I could not believe that the Bible provided so much incredible instruction for life and God’s character was so aptly described through the words of Scripture.

Since that season, I have had three more babies in three different states (plus one foster) and the Lord has continued to grow my faith and trust in Him.

He gave me a clear calling to begin writing about the Scriptures for people like me in simple language, who are unfamiliar with the Bible. 

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