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Salt + Sparrow wants to feature YOU!

We strive to produce content that is inspirational, truthful, and will help lead others in their pursuit of Christianity. Our goal is to always provide value to our readers, and to continuously create content that will make a difference.

Please understand that we do have the right to deny any submissions. If we do accept your content pitch, it must meet the following guidelines (aka our non-negotiables):

  • Submitted content must be 100% original. At this time, we will not be reposting any content that has already appeared on any other sites (including the author’s own website or blog). Further, any content that has been published on Salt + Sparrow must not be republished on any other websites.
  • Content must be written by the author, and not written by AI. You can use AI tools at your discretion to help with outlines and topic ideas, but the blog content should be written by you and solely you.
  • Credible sources must always be cited in your blog copy. This also means that your content is not plagiarized or taken from any other sites.
  • Your content must be well-written, provide value to the reader, and must be proof-read and edited before turning in for final submission. Our team will also be reviewing and will edit as needed, and our team does reserve the right to make any editorial changes to the content that we feel are appropriate.
  • Submitted blog content should strive to be around 1000 words minimum, but we do understand that this will not apply to every topic. For example, devotional content is often much shorter. If you’re submitting typical blog content, please keep it at a minimum 1000 words. If you’re ever unsure on what the length of your content should be, just ask in your submission and we can assist.
  • Submitted content may not contain any affiliate links, but they may contain relevant links to cited sources, or links that add more value to the post. Please list out any applicable links and do not hyperlink in your draft.
  • If you have applicable photos that you would like to submit, please attach to your draft and give credit as appropriate by including the link.


  • We kindly ask that our authors keep an eye on their live publications for the first 48 hours after it’s been posted and respond to any comments that get left on the post.
  • We kindly ask that our authors will help share their blog post (as well as any other relevant pages from our site) to his/her social channels, tagging us in those posts.

A few more things to keep in mind:

When you submit a guest post or guest content to Salt + Sparrow, it means you are acknowledging that S+S owns the content once it has been submitted and posted. This means our team will be editing the content and will add any relevant links and photos that we feel are appropriate and tie into the general theme.

Any submitted content will be credited to the author, along with a short bio, links to social media handles, and a do-follow link to the author’s own website.

Authors understand that at this time, payment or compensation for guest posts or content will not be received.

If you are interested (and we hope you are!) in submitting guest content, please include the following in the contact form below:

  • Author’s name
  • Author’s email address
  • A Content Pitch Title (what are you wanting to contribute to our site?)
  • Message: A short message with your content pitch idea. Please also include a link to your website and/or social media channels in this message.

For accepted content, we will need:

  • A link to your main website
  • Social media links (please provide the full links, not just the handles)
  • A short bio written in the third person (approx. 120 words or less)
  • Please also include a headshot that can be included with your bio
  • If you have used scriptures in your article, please include the translation used
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